I Don't Want the World to See Me (Watch You Drown)

Saturday, February 14, 2009
In broad, shaky brush strokes
That scratch across the canvas.

I understand
Why you recoil in grace at the cheap promise of safety.
Why you stammer of vague abstract treaties.

Cancerous smile.
An orchestra of
A broken angel, of crackling noise, and dull trite.

Darling, you're making a scene for no reason.

More, more, more
More weekend cults to opiate the masses. More cheap drugs to cloud our senses. More rhymeless rhymes in various tenses.


And flail.

I will wrap you in a lush black gown that coquettishly flicks here and there in the bitter wind that scratches across the face of God. I will tie a bow to you, a deep red bow that reflects nothing but an exercise in futility. I will bundle you up and ask are you warm and I'll push you off and watch you flail and twitch and cough and scream and beg and i will say
just die